Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's cold out.  One good reason to make this an early night.  The other good reason...I go back to work tomorrow.  Oh my goodness it's been so nice to have these past 10 days free to do what I want when I want.  I'm going to have to use 2010 to find a way to make this life style happen more frequently.

So today I...

  • Filled my bird feeder.  Why is this an accomplishment do you ask?  Well, filling my bird feeder involves me climbing out of a window onto a snow covered roof and reaching for a bird feeder hanging in a tree and not falling a story into the backyard.  Therefore this is an accomplishment.

  • Did this...

 What is this? is another question you may be asking.  Boy, I'm raising all kinds of questions tonight.  This is a power strip attached to the side of my dresser so that I can 1. Get the strip off the floor and 2. use the strip to plug in this...

  • Assembled an aquarium.  Like the bird feeder, this is mostly for Chai.  I like to give her things to look at like birds and now fish!  Well, we don't have fish yet, cause they would be dead.  I'm going to stop by a pet store tomorrow and see what I need to do to the water to make it safe for a few fishies.

  • Took a drive out through Ohar Township and Fox Chapel to Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve to pick up a book I have to have read before my first class on Jan 30.  What class?  (See, lots of questions).  I'm taking a class on beekeeping.  I know!  I'm freaking excited about it!
  • Bought two pairs of yoga pants for the yoga class I'm beginning on Thursday.
  • Ordered a paddle to replace the one I lost for the bread machine I adopted from my parents.  Can't wait to start making bread!  I know that this can be done with out the aid of a bread maker, but I have never made bread that way and I'd rather not have to.
  • Took a nice hot shower, applied lotion with some new products I picked up today to make my skin soft and now I am ready for bed at 8:10pm drinking a glass of red wine called Zuse's Blood and eating slices of a chocolate orange.
I'd call that a great finish to a wonderful holiday.


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