Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Angie's Visit

Let's talk about the weekend.  My sister came for a visit.  She showed up late on Friday night, but not too late to grab some dinner at The Quiet Storm.  After dinner I took her over to my office at CMU and showed her the new Gates building and the Randy Pauche Memorial Bridge all lit up with it's LED light display.  After a stop at the Market District Giant Eagle we headed back to my place to bake a loaf of bread for breakfast in the morning.

After a yummy breakfast of homemade bread, eggs from her boyfriend's farm, and fried potatoes, we headed over to the year round farmers' market in East Liberty.  I had been wanting to visit there and I knew she would jump at the chance to visit a market, with her boyfriend being a farmer and all.  We both bought some Amish goat cheese (mine was with cranberries and almonds, yum) and she bought some raw milk.  She and her boyfriend are always talking about the benefits of raw milk but they are not allowed to sell it in Ohio.  I know that the milk in the grocery stores is horrible for you, so I try to buy other types of milk occasionally.  Right now I have some almond milk.  But I have to say, I do enjoy cow's milk over any other form of milk.  I guess I'm going to have to buy some raw milk every Saturday.

After the farmers' market I took her to see Margrert and her tea shop over in Squirrel Hill.  My sister exchanged the tea pot I had bought for her for Christmas for a larger and nicer version.  Since the weather was so nice, we spent about an hour walking around Squirrel Hill.  Made a quick stop at the Irish Design Center in Oakland and then headed to the Strip to the History Museum (another place I had been wanting to go).  We probably would have enjoyed the museum more if we had not been so tired from staying up until 3am waiting on the bread to bake.

We had dinner at Aladdin's and then she headed home and I headed to a mani / pedi / martini party.

I took it pretty easy on Sunday with a trip to Ikea to buy a duvet cover (new sheets is all the remains for my bed makeover), a stop at Target (I managed to get out of there spending less than $100), and took myself to lunch at Cracker Barrel.  I was home before dark.

There is something romantic about fire escapes, isn't there?

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