Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Miss Fix-it

Gah!  5 days since my last post!  I am a creature of habit, and that habit involves starting a routine, doing well with that routine, missing one day that soon turnes into a few days to a week and more and more until I abandon all chance of going back to the routine.  So, I'm trying to break the pattern and here I am!

Let me recap...

Friday:  Worked from home and shoveled the porch, steps and side walk.  Joined my roommate and several of her girlfriends for dinner and tarot card readings.  The card reader didn't tell me anything that I didn't really already know, but she did give some validity to the things I thought that I knew.

Saturday:  Bought fish for the fish tank, grocery shopped, baked a loaf of bread (1st time ever!), and took most of the Christmas decorations down.  The trip to the grocery store was insane since we had had a week of snowy weather.  Everyone was out to restock the fridge and pantry on Saturday!

Sunday:  Board Meeting at the theatre.

Yesterday:  Watched "How I Met Your Mother" at the Nac home.

Which brings me to today.  I finally submitted the Requisition for the PO at work that I had been avoiding for over a week. It took less than 30 minutes (including a botched first attempt).  I had been avoiding it because creating a Requisition is something that I do so infrequently that I really have no idea what to do or if I'm doing it correctly.  But, I had to do it so I just went for it.  Took 2 attempts but I think the second one did go through.  Now I wait to see if I did it correctly and it gets approved.

I put away the rest of my Christmas decorations tonight.  I thought that I'd be really sad about the cold and empty feeling that the home gets after the decorations come down, but I'm not too distraught about it.  It's actually kinda nice to have everything clean and minimal.  That's part of how I think I want 2010 to be...minimal.  Minimal tv watching, minimal eating out, minimal nights staying up later than I should....

Oh, I almost forgot about the title of the blog.  Tonight I was Little Miss Fix-it.  I store all of my bins of Christmas decor in my closet.  I keep my clothes in two Ikea wardrobes.  Since my closet is all storage, I rarely get in it and just keep the door shut.  Only problem was the door would not latch.  Not because the closet is over stuffed, it's arranged quite nicely and neatly.  No, it was because the door knob and latch weren't working correctly.  I decided to take the whole thing apart.  How difficult could it be?  The answer, not difficult at all.  The problem was caused by this little spring piece which had slipped, and not forcing the latch part to snap back out of the door.  These are old doors here with old hardware.  I took pictures which I will have to post tomorrow.  I was so proud of myself, I took the latch apart on the bathroom door as well.  The trouble with that latch was different, it was sticking.  I sprayed it with some lubricant for bicycle chains and I think it's a little better.  It's not perfect but that one was and still is livable.

Update: Here are the pictures I promised



My dad will be so proud :)

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