Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Bed!

As I type this, I am lounging on my new bed.  Well, techincally it's not a new bed, only new bedding, but feels like a new bed.  I wanted something super fluffy and soft and I'm halfway there.  I also wanted something to coordinate with my super cool framed print hanging over my bed (framed by yours truely).  I found a great deal on a 500 thread count down comforter at TJ Maxx for $50.  500 thread count!  Down comforter!  I couldn't find a duvet cover that I liked at a price I was comfortable with and I can't have a bare white dry clean only item on my bed with two cats in the house so I found a micro fleece grey blanket for $23 at Target to cover the whole bed.  Man is it cozy!  I also found a couple of decorative pillows (filled with feathers) on clearance at Target for 10 bucks each.  The other half of my bed make over will include the perfect duvet cover, a set of new sheets and a feather bed/matress cover.

I think that Chai approves of the progress so far.

I love it.  Feels like a grown up bed.

Today I also took some recycling to the center and dropped off some items to the Salvation Army.  Looking forward to ringing in the new year free of old stuff.

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  1. oh my goodness!!! i just found your blog! you have a blog! i'm soooo happy! whenever you've commented on mine, i've clicked on your profile but you never had a blog. and now you do! and i am so happy! i like that i can put a face and a voice to your comments. hooray for you!

    also, i love that you have new bedding. i completely understand how huge a difference that can make to a girl. i just got a brand new mattress a few weeks ago and i haven't shut up about it to my friends. it has changed my life. and my bedding? LOVE it. from jcpenney. saved up for it. it's totally "me."

    can't wait to keep reading your stuff!

    big hug,