Monday, December 14, 2009

A gift for an Angel, $40 and a mysterious package

Today I dropped off my Angel gift to the Salvation Army.  I picked a 4 year old little boy who only asked for Army men.  I got him 2 bags of Army men, a helicopter, a fleece blanket, a coloring book and crayons.  I hope they make him smile.

I received a Christmas card today from my parents.  My mom included 2 scratch off lottery tickets.  I won $1.00 on one and $5.00 on the other.  Then I noticed the special "Bonus" scratch box.  The $1.00 was multiplied x5 and the $5.00 was multiplied by x7.  $40 total.  Score!  Now I have to remember to take them home to Ohio with me next week so that I can have them cashed.

Apparently Fed-Ex attempted to deliver a package to me today  but I wasn't home to receive it.  I found a sticker on my front door telling me only that they had attempted the delivery.  Are they going to try again?  Am I to go to the Fed-Ex location to pick it up?  The sticker didn't say.  Who is sending me a package?  I didn't order anything to be delivered here so I'm very intrigued.  I will have to call them in the morning. 

I love Christmas!

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